Autonomous vehicles and interaction vehicle-signal

There is a new paradigm on the road due to autonomous vehicles (AV). The most know companies promoting AV are Google and Uber and are using their advanced technologies to reduce the possibility of human errors while driving. But, either intelligent cars or drivers must to focus in traffic signal information and, for this reason it should be as much clear as possible. A few years ago, there was a more modest idea to help motorists, it was called “connected vehicles” that simply means that your car “talks” with other vehicles placed around you sharing future dangers found in your route.

At this point, the road administration is part of automatic traffic schema but it is not usual for DOTs to spearhead the change, although they are indispensable.

Firstly, public administrations are willing to maintain reflectance, visibility and position of traffic signals as best as possible according to their responsibility and should coordinate car manufacturers, AV engineers and safe road associations.


A signal weared away is unidentifiable to AV

Secondly, DOTs have to make an effort in AV manufacturers to consider pedestrians and bikes as the weakest part of the road by increasing the distance if there is an option to do so.

Finally, one should analyze the costs of the progress in automatic cars considering that public budget is limited and decreasing some times.



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